About HALO Pet Safety System


Every year, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion because they are left in parked vehicles. The temperature inside your vehicle can rise almost 20º F in just 10 minutes. Even on a 70-degree day, it can reach 110 degrees inside your vehicle, meaning that your car can reach a dangerous temperature, even on days that don’t seem that hot to you. And research shows that leaving the windows cracked makes no difference.

The HALO Pet Safety System is being developed to alert pet owners when their vehicle reaches a dangerous temperature to help you avert this serious risk to your beloved pet. Your support will help us bring this life-saving technology to pet owners everywhere by helping us demonstrate awareness of the problem and an interest in a solution. Making an advance product reservation will help demonstrate your support, and requires no commitment, just the opportunity to be one of the first to be notified when the HALO system is available for purchase.


How it Works.

  • The HALO Base Unit is easily installed in your vehicle.
  • A small proximity sensor is placed on your pet’s collar.
  • The HALO app is downloaded to your smartphone and/or you will be supplied with a key pod unit, which works with the HALO system.
  • When your pet is in or near your vehicle’s HALO Base Unit, the proximity sensor will activate the system so it actively monitors the temperature inside of the vehicle.
  • If the temperature in your vehicle reaches a temperature range potentially dangerous to your pet, you will receive an alert via your phone and/or key pod unit.
  • Alerts will give you the opportunity to quickly respond to help protect your pet from the serious effects of heat stroke.

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