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Founding members Lisa Sheehy, Sally Davisson and Angela Caporelli

Founding members Lisa Sheehy, Sally Davisson and Angela Caporelli

Our story began almost 10 years ago in Lexington, KY, when a group of friends were discussing the case of a baby who had died of hyperthermia after being left in a local parking lot by a babysitter. Given modern advances in technology, these women thought that certainly something could be done to bring a product to market to help avert these types of preventable tragedies. Three of us decided that we were willing to invest our time and resources in exploring solutions, and Sisters of Invention was born and we began work on the HALO Baby Seat Safety System.

Our founding members’ backgrounds were in marketing and business, so we started by doing initial research. We were surprised to learn that although there had been some amount of research into the area of a child seat safety system, no one had yet brought a product to market. Thanks to the local BabiesRUs store and multiple Maternity Fair events, we were able to survey 100s of new and expectant parents and grand-parents. The results clearly demonstrated that there was both awareness of the problem and an interest in a technological solution. The feedback also provided us with a list of the most desirable product features, upon which we based our design.
We also discovered that heat stroke was also a major problem for pets also, and that pet owners were also interested in a product that would alert them if their vehicle reached a dangerous temperature for their beloved companion. So we reasoned that the same technology we were developing would be equally useful for a HALO Pet Safety System.

Using our own capital, we hired an engineering firm, who were able to quickly provide proof of concept. We also began the patent application process, which finally culminated in the granting of our utility patent in 2012. With the additional support of angel investors and some state funding, we continued funding rounds of engineering and seeking appropriate manufacturing resources.

Partner Danny Brown and family

Partner Danny Brown and family

We also had the good fortune to meet up with Danny Brown, a Louisville based attorney and family man, who had also been working on the concept of a baby seat safety system. We were happy to welcome him as one of our “Sisters”.

Since the beginning we’ve received local, national and international media coverage, support from child and animal safety advocates, non-profit organizations and numerous requests to become a HALO distributor. More compellingly, we receive constant support from pet owners, parents and expectant parents, who continue to encourage us to bring the HALO systems to market. Since we began offering the opportunity to reserve our products online, we’ve received over $10,000 in product reservations. Granted, we don’t ask people for any money now, they will not pay unless they complete the transaction when we let them know the product is ready, but it’s a strong indication of how much the HALO systems are wanted by the public.

As stated above, we’re attorneys and marketing professionals, not engineers of manufacturers. Our goal now is to partner with an organization with the expertise and resources to oversee that side of the business. Your support is what will capture their attention, and bring our vision to life.

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